Look out....

How much are we watching over others? It is easy to be caught up in our own issues and to miss seeing what is going on around us. If we see something bad happening to others, what do we do? If we hear something being taught to others that we believe is incorrect, do we do anything about it? If we do not do something, is it because we do not want to be accused of interfering? Are we afraid of the person doing the false teaching? Should we interfere or should we just pray for the situation or should we do nothing?

These are my thoughts. Firstly, if we are seeing the issue in question, then it is because God is showing it to us. This means that God has involved us and that He is opening up a ministry to us. Now the first ministry is to Him. In other words we would first ask God why He is showing us the situation and secondly we could ask Him what He wants us to do. He may ask us to pray for the situation. He may ask us to pray for the situation and then pray for His wisdom that we may speak on His behalf. If we do nothing we have missed an opportunity for the people in question, including ourselves, to be blessed.
 Imagine a Godless world, a place where no one represents Christ on earth. When Jesus came to the earth He brought correction, He brought the truth. Of course some people were not too pleased about that, but He delivered the truth as an opportunity for others to find salvation. He has given His church the same commission.

 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

Yes Jesus has called us to take His place and be the light of the world, teaching and preaching the truth and making disciples of the whole world. However, He does not expect us to just jump into that, but we must first learn the truth from Him for ourselves. One of the ways that we learn is to get involved, to begin to speak up. We may over time become accustomed to listening, which is good, but we are being equipped that we may speak. The world needs to hear the truth. If we feel inadequate or unable to speak, that is a good time to ask God why? We can also ask Him to teach us and empower us to speak when He wants us to. We may have had bad experiences as a result of speaking up in the past and that may have made us reluctant to speak now. If we remain in that trap then we have been silenced by fear and that is the work of our enemy. Let us rise above those things in the strength of Jesus and press on in victory.


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