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The "One minister Church" Versus The "Body of Christ"

Here in Australia unfortunately it appears as though we predominately have the "One minister Church" which is very sad. Let me explain what I mean by the "One minister Church". A Church where the pastor is the leader of the Church in the place of The Holy Spirit. The pastor preaches a Sunday sermon to his audience and gives his instruction for the direction of the church. (I am not trying to say that there is anything wrong with the pastor preaching or giving instruction.) Now let us judge the tree by it's fruit. What is the fruit of the church in general? Are the congregations being equipped with the power gifts of God to become world changers? Is there any power in the church? Is the church a place of love and genuine sincere fellowship? How much is church a Sunday event and not a lifestyle? How many of the church have a real relationship with Jesus Christ? How many of the congregation believe that every believer is supposed to be a minister of Christ walking…